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cat and dog sitting in Plymouth, MA

There truly is no place like home! When you need to leave, let your pets stay home where they’re comfortable. Have one of our professional pet sitters come to your home to care for them!

Plymouth dog walking

Daily dog walks help keep your dog happy and healthy. While you’re at work, let one of our dog walkers get your dog out for some exercise with a brisk mid-day dog walk.

Custom pet care in Plymouth, MA

Do you have a household with multiple pets, a pet with special needs, or puppy in need of potty training? Our customized pet care will provide the care and attention they need.

dog hiking Plymouth, MA

Dog hiking can be a great way for your dog to get the socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation he needs. Contact us today to find out more about our hour-long dog hikes.

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How Hiring A Professional ​Helps You The Pet Parent

  • Makes Your Life Easier When Traveling Or Working Long Hours
  • You Don’t Have To Impose On Family Or Friends To Care For Your Pets
  • Hiring Just Around The Corner Will Provide You Peace Of Mind
  • Convenient Online Scheduling: Request Visits Anytime Or Anywhere
  • No More Stressing & No More Guilt
  • Receive Daily Updates From Your Pet Sitter
  • Home Security
  • No Transporting Pets Or Dealing With Pick Up Times
  • Come Home To A Relaxed & Happy Fur Baby

When choosing a pet care provider use a checklist to be sure they are the Right Fit for you and your furry family member!

  • Do they have a professional website
  • Are they insured & bonded
  • Do they have references available
  • How long have they been in business
  • Do they have a service agreement and vet release
  • Are they solo or do they have a team of sitters
  • Did they return your email or phone call right away
  • Most importantly: listen to your gut