5 Ways to Appreciate Pet Sitters

5 Ways to Appreciate Pet Sitters

The pet sitters and dog walkers of Just Around the Corner are hard-working sitters that strive to provide the best care to you and your pet. We aim to ensure you have peace of mind when leaving your pet with us. Our pet sitters are dedicated and insured pet professionals that take their job very seriously. For Professional Pet Sitters Week, we would like to share five ways to show your pet sitter some appreciation for all the hard work they do. We love taking care of your pet and love to see our care appreciated! Here are some ways you can show us your support.

Leave a Tip

Our pet sitters aim to provide the best service to all our clients. Leaving a tip for your pet sitter is the most direct way to thank your sitter. Only a portion of the pet sitting service price goes to the pet sitter, so a bonus is sure to make them feel appreciated. If you feel like your pet sitter did a fantastic job and went above and beyond, be sure to show your appreciation with a little extra tip for all their hard work. Tips can be left in cash, or charged through your Pet Portal profile.

Pet Sitters of Plymouth say thank you!

Loyal Pet Sitters say Thank You!

Leave a Review and Like Our Page

Leaving an excellent online review for our business can go a long way. Great reviews attract new clients, and existing clients stay loyal to our services. Positive reviews improve our reputation online and in reality. Liking our social media pages also enhances our reputation and helps us stand out. In fact, don’t just like our page — follow us! You may get to see some great pets – maybe even your own. Don’t forget to take a couple of minutes to leave us a review or comment on our services. Feel free to mention by name the pet sitters who provided care for your pet.


Referrals go a long way since they are personal reviews given out to friends, family, and people you know. People are more likely to go with a service that you vouch for and recommend. If you feel like your pet sitter does a fantastic job, please tell everyone you know. This word-of-mouth message grows the business and truly shows your pet sitter the appreciation you have for them.

Pet Sitters love the pets in their care

Pet Sitters love caring for your pets!

Leave Clear Instructions (and Snacks Help too!)

Pet sitting can be a complicated job with various schedules to follow every day. Everyone has a different routine for their pet, and it is the pet sitter’s job to complete that routine. Any pet sitter will agree that keeping pet care information updated in your pet profile allows your pet to follow their routine a lot more smoothly than unclear and broad instructions. Pet sitters want to do a good job, so leaving them with a detailed list of tasks and responsibilities helps them get the job done right. Leaving snacks is also a nice little gesture to show your pet sitter some appreciation.

Love your Pet Sitter in Plymouth MA? Refer them!

Love your Pet Sitter? Refer them!

Stay in Contact and Keep Us Updated

Pet Sitters love to send you updates on how your pet is doing while caring for your pet. They understand that you are busy while you’re away, so you may not have time to always be in touch. But please respond to your pet sitter from time to time. They like to know that you are receiving their messages and that all is well. Pet sitters also appreciate being updated on any changes made to your return or travel so that they can complete all their tasks accurately and before you get home.

After our services are completed, we still love to hear from you. When clients send our pet sitters holiday cards or images of their pets, we truly feel like our services impacted their lives. Sharing your pet photos with us helps pet sitters feel appreciated and loved.

pet sitters in Plymouth MA

All Out Loyal Pet Sitters Say Thank You!!

The pet-sitting industry is a busy one and keeps us on our toes every day. For Professional Pet Sitter Week, we thought we would share five ways to appreciate your pet sitters next time they come to pet sit at your home. Our pet sitters are hard-working and qualified individuals that only want to provide the best service and company to you and your pets. We are very proud of our JAC pet sitter team and would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to serving our clients.

Just Around the Corner offers daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

pet sitters of plymouth mapet sitters of plymouth maLoyal Pet Sitters say Thanks!pet sitters of plymouth mapet sitters of plymouth mapet sitters of plymouth mapet sitters of plymouth maplymouth pet sitters say thank you!plymouth pet sitters say thank you!

Dog Friendly Plymouth, MA

Dog Friendly Plymouth, MA


Are you a dog parent/grandparent/auntie living in Plymouth, MA or surrounding areas, looking for Dog Friendly places to take your best friend? Maybe you are visiting America’s Hometown and have brought your pup with you?

How many times have you wanted to take your pup along on a day trip but you just didn’t know where dogs are welcome? We may have a few answers for you! Thanks to our Plymouth community we were able to put together a list of Dog Friendly Places in Plymouth, MA and the surrounding area. The list includes restaurants, stores, and other venues that welcome dogs and their owners.

Below you will see our Ultimate List of 35 Dog Friendly Spots in and near Plymouth, MA. We are always adding to the list – see somewhere we missed? Just let us know and we will add them! Plymouth pups sure are lucky dogs.

Looking for more dog friendly activities in the Plymouth, MA area? Check out our two blogs on great places to take your dog on a hike. Follow these links:

Dog Friendly Trails Part 1

Dog Friendly Trails Part 2

Hope you and your pup enjoy these spots in Plymouth, MA, America’s Hometown!

JAC Mascots Quinn and Misha with America's Hometown Hound Charlie Brown Plymouth MA

Ultimate List of 35 (and counting!) Dog Friendly Places in Plymouth, MA

Anna’s Harborside Grille, 145 Water St.

Best Buy, 228 Colony Place

Blue Eyed Crab, 170 Water St.

Books & Sundry, 150 Water St #104

Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich Rd.

Cabby Shack, 30 Town Wharf

Carmen’s Cafe Nicole, 114 Water St.

Craft Beer Cellar, 31 Main St.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, 205 Colony Place

Dirty Water Distillery, Cordage Park Location Coming Soon

Ellisville Harbor State Park, 1861 State Rd.

Food Court, 39 Court St.

Healthy Appetites Natural Foods, 11b Raffaele Rd.

Home Depot, 39 Long Pond Rd.

JB’s Doggie Delight Ice Cream Truck, Various Locations

Kupcakes & Kibble, 29 Main St.

Leyden Street Coffee, 709 State Rd. Manomet

Lobster Hut, 25 Town Wharf

Mama Mia’s Pinehills, 3 Village Green N #312

Maui Wowi Hawaiian, 114 Water St.

Mayflower Brewery, 12 Resnik Rd. #3

Michaels, 211 Colony Place

Morrison’s Home & Garden, 90 Long Pond Rd

PetCo, 216 Colony Place

PetSmart, 88 Shops at 5 Way

Pet Supplies Plus, 133 Samoset St.

Plane Janes Place, 246 S Meadow Rd.

Plymouth Long Beach, 1 Ryder Way

Red Robin, 269 Colony Pl.

Rye Tavern, 517 Old Sandwich Rd.

Sandy’s, 132 Warren Ave, 1 Ryder Way

Second Wind Brewery, 7 Howland St

The Shanty Rose, 16 Town Wharf

Smith Family Popcorn *NEW*, 114 Water St.

Stack Shack (seasonal), 198 Cordage Park Circle

Surfside Smokehouse, 14 Union St.

Three V, 10 Cordage Park Circle Suite 253

Top Notch Nutrition, 2307 State Rd.

Want a PDF version of the Ultimate List of 35 Dog Friendly Spots? Just DM or email us at [email protected]. Give us your email address and we will be happy to send that PDF copy right out to you. You can also join our mailing list by texting JACPETSIT to 22828.


Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays are here, which means lots of decorative additions to your pet’s home! We sometimes forget to “pet-proof” our fabulous decking, so we came up with some holiday pet safety tips to be aware of. Let’s enjoy the holidays and prevent unnecessary emergencies during this magical season.

Pet-safe Holiday décor

With so many items to put out and nooks and crannies to decorate, we forget to press PAUSE and think about how our pets will react to these decorations. Remember these four essential rules when turning your home into a safe winter wonderland for the holidays.

  1. Keep the electric cords out of reach or hidden. Even if your pet leaves the year-round cords in your home alone, they may not do the same for new and exciting ones with sparkling lights. Remember that anytime we make changes in THEIR home, they will be curious. Remember not to underestimate what they may do when new cords appear in their space.
  2. Be aware of the seasonal plants you purchase. While they are beautiful, many of these festive flowers are highly poisonous to our pets if ingested. A few of the most popular ones to be aware of are Holly, Mistletoe, and Poinsettias. Before bringing a seasonal plant into your home, check the full list of plants toxic to pets. (Need more information on toxic plants? Read our blog from July, 2020!)
  3. Keep tinsel and ribbon out of reach. The sparkle of the tinsel, the flow of a ribbon, is too much for a kitty to stand! For tinsel, the biggest concern is ingesting it, which can cause severe blockage and intestinal issues. While playing with ribbons is an enjoyable pastime, our pets can become tangled up quickly. If wrapped around their neck or paws, it can send them into a panic and escalate the situation. In addition, many ribbons have wiring in them, which can poke an eye or even be chewed off and ingested. Keep a watchful eye out for any tinsel and ribbon playing this holiday.
  4. Keep an eye on festive flames. Whether you are lighting up some candles for fun, warmth, or practicing an important tradition, always keep these flames out of reach of pets. They can become too mesmerized by the glow or accidentally bump the furniture with a burning candle. Never keep your pet in a closed room with any flame.

kitten with Christmas decorations

The Christmas Tree

Whether you have a real tree or a fake tree, knowing the potential dangers and trouble your pets can find is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Christmas Trees in your home and the safety of your pets.

  • Chewing on branches. Ingestion of pine needles or plastic needles can cause major blockages in your pets’ intestines and other health complications. Be sure to discourage biting or chewing the tree. If the behavior continues, consider moving or guarding the tree away from them. You can also try spraying some Bitter Yuck (safe for dogs and cats) to deter them.
  • Tree Water. The water in a tree stand can contain dangerous chemicals. Avoid letting your pets sneak a sip from the tree base to keep them safe. Use a tree skirt to cover the opening of the tree base to keep your pet from being able to drink from it.
  • Most decorative tree hangings are pretty fragile and can easily shatter to pieces. Cats might want to bat at all the shiny objects, becoming a safety hazard. Try attaching small zip ties to ensure the ornaments are not removable off the tree.
  • Tree Lights. Sparkling lights draped on the edge of a tree can lead to your pets pawing or getting tangled in the cords. Rather than draping them around the outer edge of your tree, try placing them closer to the trunk of the tree. The illumination will still be there while making them far less tempting to our fur babies.

Yuletide Yummies

As tempting as it may be to give our furry friends table scraps, it’s best to avoid this kind gesture for the sake of their health. Not only are many of our dishes toxic to pets, but they also have a sensitive digestive system. Like people, an upset stomach for our pets causes discomfort, and no one wants an upset tummy on a special day like Christmas. If you’re looking to make their holiday meal special, add a dollop of pumpkin puree or some chicken broth. Foods to always keep out of reach of pets include: Chocolate and other holiday candies, raw egg (particularly in dough), grapes and raisins, fruits and veggies containing pits such as olives and cherries, and onions.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the trash can!

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Now that you’ve safely decorated for the holidays, you can think of your emergency plan. Knowing what to do in an emergency is critical in making sure the situation does not escalate. Make sure you and everyone in your household understand the steps to take if an emergency arises. Be sure to always have important phone numbers in your contacts and placed in a visible location, like your fridge. Regular vet, emergency vet and Poison Control are a few numbers to have on hand. Keep your pet’s medical records in a convenient location as well—the more information you can provide during an emergency, the better. Lastly, remember to have a plan. Know the places you could call for help and the quickest route to get there.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Help keep your pets safe this holiday season by keeping an eye out for potential dangers in your home and following these safety tips. Ensure that your pets are taken care of with Just Around the Corner. We offer pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking, Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram! Wishing you and your pets a happy and healthy holiday season!



Why Retractable Leashes are Not a Good Choice

Why Retractable Leashes are Not a Good Choice

Retractable leashes have become a popular trend in recent years. They are a nifty-looking tool and do work in theory. Practically,however, these leashes are no good and could be a safety hazard to our dogs and us. At Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting, we ultimately dislike these leashes. Here is why retractable leashes are not a good choice and why you should stick to the regular leash.

Reinforces Bad Training

The way retractable leashes are designed allows dogs to pull to extend their leash. This reinforces the habit of pulling during walks. Dogs that are being trained should not use a retractable leash and should stick to a regular one. Training a dog on a retractable leash teaches them to pull and harms them if the leash snaps from its retractable device. This leash is an ineffective and non-consistent walking tool, especially in training.

Injuries to People and Pets

It’s not unheard of for retractable leashes to snap. Even the most expensive brands of retractable leashes have the risk of snapping if extended too far. If your dog is known to bolt, chase, or is a bigger dog with a strong pull, please don’t use a retractable leash. If the leash were to snap, it might send a harmful whip toward you or your dog, resulting in injury. In addition to the snapped leash, you have lost complete control of your dog, leading you to other issues that you preferably wouldn’t want. Not only is the risk of snapping dangerous, but there are also known instances of owners being tangled up in the leash as well. If your dog gets excited and starts wrapping the leash around your legs, it’s much harder to reel the leash back into the device. This results in bruises, cuts and even burns on your legs depending on the leash material.

Less Secured Control in Animal Confrontations

Even if your retractable leash doesn’t snap, those flexible leashes will never have the same control as a regular leash. An excited dog meeting others can jolt the leash right out of your hand, which can not only hurt you, but it can hurt your dog and other dogs as well. Reeling in your dog from another dog is also more difficult. Typically, the extendable leash is made from a rope or cable material that is uncomfortable to hold and pull on. It’s better to stick to leashes that you can manually pull back and put around your hand to ensure you have complete control at any given moment.


Awkward to Handle

Retractable leashes usually are prettier and have a poop bag holder attached to them, but they are overall awkward to handle despite their looks. The constant shortening and lengthening of the leash can wear out the mechanism. They aren’t as long-lasting as traditional leashes. In addition to the easy wear and tear, they tend to be more awkward to hold. There is only one handle and one way to hold the leash, resulting in less control at critical moments. These leashes also tend to be more expensive. It’s a nice piece of technology, but the regular old leash is the most effective and cost-efficient for most dogs.


There are likely many more reasons why retractable leashes are not a good choice. These are just the four most prominent reasons why we do not recommend them. At Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting, we believe in keeping your dogs safe and away from harm. This includes keeping them safe from their own walking equipment! Check out our dog walking and hiking services and treat your dog for some safe and exciting fun with us!

Local Holiday Shopping for Your Pets: Plymouth, MA

Local Holiday Shopping for Your Pets: Plymouth, MA

With the weather getting colder, it serves as a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner and holiday shopping is underway! If you are like us, the fur babies go at the TOP of the shopping list, and budgets have wiggle room to ensure we spoil our babies. When planning to shop, it’s a great idea to shop locally. Whenever possible, choosing a local small business should be a priority. Supporting our local businesses can go a long way in our communities, and as we head into the busiest shopping month of the year, may we all remember the importance of choosing local and shopping small.

To help you plan your holiday shopping trips, we have put together a list of local shops and makers right here in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, MA. Together we can make a big difference in our town by keeping our money where our paws are.

Pet Supplies Plus Plymouth

Pet Supplies Plus is a must-stop shop for pet owners this holiday! Located off exit 6 in the Stop & Shop plaza in Plymouth, Pet Supplies Plus is a locally owned and operated franchise store. They offer everything from dozens of pet food options to hundreds of fantastic toys as well as a whole lot in between. Their inventory covers just about every pet under the sun, including hamsters, reptiles, and fish! One trip here, and you are sure to knock out every pet on your list and provide hours and hours of pet entertainment in the process.

JAC Mascot Quinn at Morrisons Plymouth MA

Quinn loves seeing his friends at Morrison’s!

Morrison’s Home & Garden & Pet

In this all stop shop, you can grab some home hardware to get your holiday decorations up and some pet supplies for your Pet! Morrison’s loves pets and they believe in supplying and spoiling your pet to the best quality of foods and products. And, your dog is welcome to join you – Quinn loves Morrison’s! They offer a wide range of foods and treats that your pet is sure to love. Whether you’re picking up your tree, or purchasing some lights, be sure to stop by the pet section. Morrison’s is a great place to stock up on stocking stuffers for all the fur babies in your life!

Carberry Kitchen

This delightful business makes delicious treats for our deserving pups that keep them happy and healthy. They offer a variety of flavours that your pups are sure to love. Each small batch treat bag is full of locally sourced, wholesome ingredients and a whole lot of love. Whether your dog is picky or will eat anything, they are sure to enjoy these tasty treats. Whenever I’m treating a client, the neighbor’s pups, or my dog, the Carberry Kitchen bag never fails to get their attention. If pups could talk, they would say, “Buy the Carberry treats!” ALWAYS! You can find Carberry Kitchen products in stores all over Plymouth and online. Some stores that sell Carberry Kitchen products in Plymouth are: Made It (Waterfront), Clements Market (Manomet), The Market (Pine Hills), Papa’s Pets Supply (Manomet).

How to support local for FREE!

The holidays may be a bit different again this year. After the pandemic, our shopping patterns have changed. In-person shopping may not be as popular as it once was. Nonetheless, if you still desire to help the local shops and makers in your area, here are 6 FREE ways to show your support!

  1. Write a positive review
  2. Spread the word! Tell your friends and family
  3. Follow them on social media
  4. Subscribe to their newsletter/Join their email list
  5. Share their content, ex. blog link. Give them a shout-out!
  6. Engage with their social media. Like, comment, & share.

Be sure to check how you can shop for your gifts this year. If you’re ever unsure of the gifts to get others, you can always purchase a gift certificate for any of your local businesses. This is another excellent way to support and promote local businesses.

Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking, Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!