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Ticks Trailside

What a winter we had, especially the month of March.  And of course, April was not typical spring temperatures either.  In fact, it was downright cold for most of the month. Finally, we are in the heart of spring, with summer not too long away.  We are all so happy to...

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Beware of Mushroom Poisoning in Pets

You may have heard or read on social media last year that we sadly lost Bentley, a five-month-old member of our Just Around the Corner family, after he ate a toxic mushroom in his parents' yard.  This is a very difficult posting, but we want to let people know how...

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Best Dog Groomers in Plymouth, MA

One of the responsibilities we have as pet owners is to ensure that our pets are groomed on a regular basis.  Some of us are able to handle this at home and do it ourselves.  Maybe you are the person who lifts your dog into the tubby and you just can’t stand to do it...

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Why does my dog eat poop?

All dog owners dread this statement: Oh my god….my dog just ate poop.  After the initial shock the question is: Why Does My Dog Eat Poop!!  What do I do? The thought of this sends shivers down our spine, even from the best of us dog lovers.  The medical term for...

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National Dog Biscuit Day

If your dog could talk, he would tell you how excited he is that National Dog Biscuit Day is on February 23rd.  This day is celebrated here in the United States and around the world. Dog biscuits, or dog bread, have been around since Roman times.  The origin of Dog...

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