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Dog Camp, anyone?

Are you looking to bring your dog on vacation with you? How about a weekend retreat in the country at Camp Unleashed? Camp Unleashed, founded by Annie Brody, is a camp for dogs and their people. This unique retreat will “deepen their relationship through education and organized play in an experience designed to be transformational for both species”. Sound interesting? If you love your dog and camping, Camp Unleashed just might be for you. No need to leave your dog at home, provide your dog with an escape from the human world!

Camp Unleashed has activities for every dog and their human counterpart. Whether you want to relax or take advantage of all that Camp Unleashed has to offer, that’s up to you but keep reading for a sampling of the many activities you can expect to enjoy with your dog.


  • Dock Diving
  • Scent Games
  • Teaching your dog tricks
  • Paint your pup
  • Water sports
  • Agility
  • Swimming Hiking
  • Clicker Training
  • Do It Yourself Grooming class
  • Canine Massage Techniques Class

Looking to travel beyond Camp Unleashed? There are other camps across the United States that are similar to Camp Unleashed but offer their own unique flair. Click Here for a short list or do your own search. It’s really amazing what’s out there.

Now you might be wondering “Is camp right for my dog?” Each camp will have it’s own set of rules and requirements however, most camps will require the following:

  • Your dog must be socialized. This means your dog should be able to tolerate loud noises, other dogs of all sizes, their humans and just be generally comfortable in unfamiliar environments. Remember, the goal is to have fun and let loose. If your dog is not comfortable, it kind of defeats the purpose of attending camp.
  • Your dog must follow simple commands. If your dog doesn’t listen to you, it will put him in jeopardy of getting lost and/or hurt. Your dog should sit, stay and recall with 100 percent accuracy every time. If you’re not sure about this, practice with your dog in a safe environment such as a dog park before you sign up.
  • Your dog must not be toy or treat aggressive. Many camps house 50 campers or more. If your dog is prone to any type of aggression, bringing him into an environment like camp will set him for failure and pose a safety risk to others.
  • Your dog must be healthy. The worst thing you can do is bring an unhealthy dog into an unfamiliar environment. Even if your dog is a happy-go-lucky, socialized dog, the excitement of camp will be a stressor and the camp is not meant for a dog with physical.

It’s exciting to think that you can plan a getaway that actually involves your dog, right? No more leaving your dog alone in a hotel room. Camps such as Camp Unleashed are now catering to dogs and theirs humans. How cool is that?