8 Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy This Winter

8 Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy This Winter

Whether your pet loves or hates it, winter is an inevitable part of all our lives. Knowing what is best for your pet is the key to keeping them happy and healthy through the cold and usually dreary months. Fun fact, when our pets feel safe and healthy they will naturally enjoy whatever season they are experiencing. So, let’s dive right in to eight great ways to keep your pet happy and healthy this winter!

1.      Know Your Pet

No one knows your pet like you do. Therein lies the joy and responsibility for using your best judgement when it comes to pet activities and outings during the winter months. Only you can discern if Lily the kitty can play out in the screened in porch a few minutes in the afternoons, or if Duke your Chihuahua should be indoors 100% of the time since he never stops shivering, or if Esmerelda the St. Bernard can spend hours enjoying the backyard and never get too cold. Trust the knowledge you have of your pet and keep a watchful eye on them so you can adjust as necessary.

A cat sitting on a windowsill inside to keep warm during winter

A cat sitting on a windowsill inside to keep warm during winter

2.      Paw Check!

Snow and ice and sand OH MY! After every outing be sure to wipe your pet’s paws thoroughly. Make sure you remove any snow/ice clumps and clear out grainy ice melt or sand as it can get embedded in their fur and paw pads making a simple task like walking extremely uncomfortable for them. Not getting anywhere with the typical towel cleaning? Try a Dexas Mudbuster to make life a little easier and ensure your pet’s paws are free of debris every time!

3.      Shine Bright

Surprise! It gets dark around 4:00 PM during the winter, so chances are at least one walk a day is in the dark. Always wear reflective gear (both you and your dog) along with a light (preferably flashing) to ensure you are visible to other walkers and vehicles. Why you AND your dog? Heaven forbid your dog gets away from you! Being able to SEE them is of paramount importance to getting them home safe and sound. Shine brightly and stay safe this winter!

4.      Leash up!

Did you know that pets have a greater chance of becoming lost during the cold season due to a lack of scents accessible to them? It is true! When heading out for a winter excursion or play date consider keeping your pet leashed up or making sure their play space is enclosed. In addition, always keep a collar with an up-to-date ID tag on them. Unsure about the terrain of a trail or what wildlife you may come across? Better to be safe than sorry, leash up and keep your loving companion safely by your side all winter long.

Cat hiding in car wheel to stay warm during the winter

Cat hiding in car wheel to stay warm during the winter

5.      Beware of hiding spots

Outdoor/stray cats and other small animals are always looking for places to stay warm during the winter. Before starting up your car or using a piece of machinery in your shed double check that somebody has not made themselves a cozy little home in there! Likewise, winter can be tough on nature. Pay close attention to where birds, squirrels, and other less “pet like” animals are nestling down on and around your property. Be mindful and do your best not to disrupt or destroy their winter homes.

6.      Grooming

The winter is for letting ourselves go a bit, isn’t it? Well, our pets are right there with us for that one. Much like the cracking finger tips we experience from excessive hand washing our pet’s skin dries out much more quickly in the winter. While bathing is important unfortunately it washes away helpful oils that keep their skin moist, thus causing itching, irritability, and even painful cracking. In addition, when it comes time for a trip to the groomer be sure to ask that they leave a little more length than they do in warmer months. Our pet’s fur is a natural and necessary part of keeping them protected during the bitter winter months.

7.      Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a deadly liquid that attracts pets due to its sweet taste. YIKES! Always clean up thoroughly after use and keep an eye out for any spills/leaking from your vehicle. Consider trying an alternative antifreeze that uses propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is less tasty, biodegradable, and does not cause kidney damage like ethylene glycol. No matter what product you use always keep out of reach of your pets to ensure their safety.

White dog with large stick enjoying winter snowfall

White dog with large stick enjoying winter snowfall

8.      Winter Rule of thumb

Remember, if it’s too cold for you, chances are it is too cold for your pet. There are always exceptions to the rule but even if your dog is the “made for winter” type, such as a Husky or Newfoundland, they all have their cold weather limits. A great way to discern whether your winter loving pet will be safe and comfortable outside is to put on your winter coat and head outside yourself. However long you feel comfortable in the current elements is probably close to the same for your pup. Never assume your furry friend can handle the cold, snowy, or icy weather, test it out to keep them safe.

Winter is unavoidable here in New England so we might as well make the best of it! Understanding your pet and their needs will help you decide what actions to take when it comes to outdoor activities, proper grooming, and knowing their limits. Always cleanup toxic spills, remain visible when out at night, be mindful of the nature around you, and do what is best to always keep your pet safely in your care. These 8 simple tips will have your pet enjoying winter all season long.

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Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Have you ever hired or thought about hiring a professional pet sitter? If not, get ready because the benefits are pretty AMAZING! What pet parent doesn’t love a customizable care option for their precious furry, feathery, or scaley family members? The wide range of benefits a pet sitter provides go well beyond delivering great care to the animals on their watch. Whether you are getting away on business or pleasure and no matter for how many days at a time, having someone you can trust to care for not only your pet, but also for your HOME is of paramount importance. Curious why you should hire a pet sitter in 2021? We are letting the cat out of the bag with our top 4 reasons to go with a Professional Pet Sitter.

1.      Reliable & Equipped

Family, friends, and neighbors are a wonderful option when it comes to pet care, but take it from us, sometimes it is more convenient and safer to hire the professionals. One of the many benefits of hiring an established pet care company is that no matter the circumstances there will always be someone to come in and care for your pet. No last-minute texts that read “I can’t make it today, something came up,” or “I have a family emergency and won’t be able to pop over for the dogs today.” Reading this while you are hours from home is a helpless feeling! Not only is a professional pet sitter reliable, they just so happen to be insured and are a professionally trained employee with extensive pet care experience. Why is this important you ask? Things happen: pets get sick, they chew on the wrong thing, or they may hide and refuse to eat when mom or dad are away. A professional pet sitter will be able to recognize potentially urgent behaviors as well as have tools to provide the utmost care for a nervous or scared pet. No one wants their pet to be miserable while they are away. Hire a professional pet sitter for the best care possible for your pet.

Dog enjoying being home with a pet sitter to care for them

Dog enjoying being home with a pet sitter to care for them

2.      Home Sweet Home

Let’s be honest, we are ALL most comfortable when we are in our own home doing all the homey things we like to do on a daily basis, right? Our pets are the same way, creatures of habit, they love the simple pleasures that come from being in their own home. Who doesn’t enjoy having their own food dish, that blanket with it’s special smell, and of course the spot next to the window where you love to lay in the afternoon. Boarding at a facility is great in some cases but for many of our fur babies there is nothing like the comfort of staying in the place they are most comfortable, home. Hiring a pet sitter allows your pet to keep all the comforts of their daily life (minus their human parents) and keep as much normality as possible. Skip the boarding next time and give in-home pet sitting a try.

Added protection for your home when you are away and hire a pet sitter

Added protection for your home when you are away and hire a pet sitter

3.      Extra House Security

Let me tell you an actual story.  How lucky that these clients wanted to have their fur babies stay in their own home.  Just Around the Corner was hired to do three visits per day to take care of Brady, their beloved Boxer, and his two feline sisters, Amber and Anabelle.  For the first two days, we visited, fed, and played with everyone, and all was going well.  On the third day of their 10-day vacation, as we drove down their road at 6:30 in the morning on our way to take care of them we could see smoke coming from their house.  Our hearts, of course, starting pumping ……and going through our minds were the babies in the house.  We ran right in and found all the animals waiting for us in the living room looking anxious.  We got all of them out of the house and put them in our car.  We called 911 and the fire department responded quickly.  On inspection of the house, the fire department found a faulty wire in the heating system.  They said in another hour it would have sparked a fire, which could have been a total loss.  Because we were there to pet sit, we were able to get the pets to safety, call the fire department and have someone come out and fix the heating system. No security system would have been able to bring that human element to this situation, which is what hiring a pet sitter can provide.  Here are 4 additional security measures a pet sitter can provide:

  • Bring in the mail and papers daily.
  • Rotate the lights through-out the home each day to give the appearance that the home is occupied.
  • Security check: doors, windows, and garages are all secured and/or locked.
  • Rotate blinds and shades.

4.      Peace of Mind

Want to relax on your vacation or be able to focus on your important business trip? Hiring a professional pet sitter will provide the peace of mind you and your pet deserve no matter your travel plans. The ease of knowing your pet will feel comfortable at home, that they will be taken care of exceptionally well, and that your home will have an extra layer of security are all ways a pet sitter provides peace of mind. Did I mention that pet sitters also send daily photos and messages to let you know how your pet is doing while you are away? Yep, they sure do! In addition, if you have concerns or just want an extra update at any point in your trip Just Around the Corner is just a phone call away. Say Yes to hiring a professional pet sitter for your next travel dates.

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA cares for ALL pets

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA cares for ALL pets

 Perks of Using Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting

  • Packages will be brought in daily
  • Not just for dogs and cats – All pets under your roof/on your property will be cared for including but not limited to fish, birds, bunnies. chickens and reptiles!
  • Bird feeders filled
  • Plants watered

A professional pet sitter is a no brainer when it comes to choosing the pet care option that keeps your pet at their highest comfort level possible (next to snuggling with YOU on the couch). So next time you are planning a trip of any kind and are in the market for pet care consider hiring a professional pet sitter. You can be sure that both you and your pet will have peace of mind the entire time!

Just Around the Corner offers daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

JAC’s Local Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

JAC’s Local Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

We all have those friends or family members that are just as obsessed with their pets as we are, right? For the pet lovers in your life we have put together 10 gifts that will support small businesses local to Plymouth, MA and have you nailing the gift giving game for all your pet obsessed friends! Something local? Check. Something useful? Check. Something beautiful? Check. Something funny? Check. Something heartfelt? Check, CHECK! Without further ado here is JAC’s 2020 Gift Guide for Pet Lovers.

Doggspot blanket from Doggspot Designs of Plymouth, MA

Doggspot blanket from Doggspot Designs

1.      Doggspot Blanket from Doggspot Designs

Doggspot Designs creates fashions for your dog right here in Plymouth, including this blanket that every dog (and even cat) owner should have at least 1 of! Doggspot blankets are both stylish and multifunctional. Cover any piece of furniture (various sizes available) with these washable coverings meant to protect your beautiful decor while providing a cozy spot for you and your pet. Whether you need something to wrap up in or are tired of cleaning pet hair off your couch 24/7 (who’s with me?!) Doggspots offers both! One side is cozy and soft for snuggling, the other is a durable and pet mess resistant material with a chic pattern. The best part is they wash super easy and remain intact. Don’t miss out on giving the ultimate pet lover’s gift this holiday season, give a Doggspot blanket! SHOP ONLINE HERE

Pet Friendly CBD products from Green Apothecary in Manomet, MA.

Pet Friendly CBD products from Green Apothecary

2.      CBD oils and treats from Green Apothecary

As a pet owner myself one of the most important things to me is making sure my Lola Bear is happy and healthy. This means both mentally and physically. Pets experience anxiety, aches, and pains just like we do. The growing market of CBD oils and infused treats have been a gift in and of themselves to the pet community. From stress of firework explosions to chronic hip pain CBD products help to ease both pain and anxiety in our fur babies. Green Apothecary is a licensed retail store with a wealth of knowledge on these products, their benefits, and what you can expect from them. Consider gifting out of the box for those pet lovers whose fur babies may be needing something a little different this year. Learn more here.

Just Around the Corner Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Gift Certificate

Just Around the Corner Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Gift Certificate

3.      Just Around the Corner Gift Certificate

Having reliable pet care is an essential part of being a pet owner. Putting our fur baby in the care of someone else is a BIG deal whether for an afternoon dog walk or a week of visits while away. Just Around the Corner has been in business for over 12 years providing the highest level of quality pet care the South Shore has to offer, 365 days a year. Whether the pet lover in your life is currently a JAC client or would be new to the family, a gift certificate to JAC is like giving the gift of peace of mind to pet lovers AND their pets! To purchase a gift certificate email: [email protected]

Welcome mat from Locally, Yours in Plymouth, MA

Welcome mat from Locally, Yours

4.      “Embrace the Dog Hair It’s Everywhere” Welcome Mat from Locally, Yours

Okay, this is exactly the message I want to send as people enter my home! For two reasons, ONE it puts it all out there before they walk into the impressive amount of dog hair that is in my home (no matter home much I clean) so there are no surprises and TWO it is a mantra to live by! “Embrace the dog hair it’s everywhere” will have your pet loving friends laughing and smiling each time they enter their home or welcome guests into their lovely pet friendly abode. This adorable shop in Village Landing Marketplace, Locally Yours has gifts that will cover folks on your list well beyond pet lovers so be sure to check them out this holiday and shop local! Click here to visit their website.

Handmade stained-glass paw print ornaments from Made It! in Plymouth, MA

Handmade stained-glass paw print ornaments from Made It!

5.      Paw Print Ornament from Made It!

Everyone loves a beautiful ornament, and a locally handmade, stained glass ornament that represents a love of animals takes it to the next level. Available in numerous colors so you can represent every pet with their very own ornament. Give something with a little sentimental value this holiday and add that special touch to your friends’ Christmas display with one of these gorgeous stained-glass paw prints. Made It! is a locally owned shop on the waterfront in Plymouth, MA. They are a hub for all things artistic and local, selling one-of-a-kind pieces from over 100 U.S. based artists. Another must see shop for your holiday gift buying right here in Plymouth! Click HERE to learn more about Made It!.

Love paw print tote from Sea Bags located on the Plymouth Waterfront

Love paw print tote from Sea Bags

6.      LOVE (paw print) tote from Sea Bags

Sea Bags makes and sells handcrafted totes and accessories made from recycled sails out of Portland, ME. Their shop can now be found right here in Plymouth in their new location on the gorgeous Plymouth Waterfront. Every pet parent needs a durable tote bag so why not give them one that represents their love of animals with this LOVE paw print design. Sea Bags offers a variety of other sizes and styles from nautical to seasonal themes. Another shop that just might be able to check off more than the pet lovers on your list! Check out their products HERE!

Santa Paws wooden sign from Rustic Marlin

Santa Paws wooden sign from Rustic Marlin

7.      Santa Paws Sign from Rustic Marlin

The Rustic Marlin is a locally owned and operated business on the South Shore that specializes in rustic décor. They are most famous for their unique wooden signs for pretty much any occasion, location, or style you could think of. Their Santa Paws sign with hanging twine is the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life. At 6”x11” it’s a great size to hang on the front door or even over the doghouse.  Who doesn’t love festive dog centered décor?! If you want something that can stay on display year-round consider their Love Paw Print sign or Dog American Flag. They offer a customizable option as well but if you are hoping to get something specially made and under the tree for Christmas time is running out! Not to worry, there are always birthdays, anniversaries, and even next year for that option. To view all the awesome products Rustic Marlin has to offer click here.

Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card in Plymouth, MA

Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card

8.      Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card

Sometimes you just get lucky and find a shop that has too many pawesome gifts that you can’t possibly choose just one! Pet Supplies Plus, located off exit 6 in Plymouth, has everything a pet owner could ever need and so much more. This is THE stop to make if your pet loving pal has an affinity for more uncommon pets such as fish, birds, bunnies, reptiles, etc. With such a variety to choose from we recommend a gift card to this locally owned franchise. Shop online or in store. Click here to find out more about what Pet Supplies Plus has to offer.

Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED for dog collars. Can be purchased at Papa's Pets Supply in Manomet, MA

Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED for dog collars. Purchase at Papa’s Pets Supply

9.      Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED at Papa’s Pets Supply

Papa’s Pet Supply is stocked full of items any pet lover would die for, but the Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED is a product that goes above and beyond a dog owner dreams! This is an LED light is for your dog’s collar. It is waterproof, USB charged, and the light lasts for up to 13 hours! If (God forbid) your dog gets loose this bright light could be their saving grace. Here in New England the short days come quick, using the Matrix Ultra LED will ensure visibility as dog owners and their pups go for an evening stroll in complete darkness. It is basically the coolest thing ever! ANY gift bought from Papa’s Pets Supply Store is a gift that gives back! 100% of store profits go directly to funding their in-house animal shelter, which makes this a double whammy — a gift, and giving back to the community rolled into one! You can also donate to them directly. Learn more about Papa’s Pets Supply and their animal shelter here.

Donate sign with red heart

10. DONATE to a local shelter

If you are looking to give a gift that will have an impact going far beyond a present on Christmas consider making a donation to a local shelter in the name of the pet lover on your list this year. 2020 has been hard for us humans but it has not been easy for the millions of homeless pets in America either. Your donation could mean meals for starving animals, a second chance at life for some, a safe and warm place to sleep for others. Consider a donation to Friends of the Plymouth Pound,  to Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter or to Papa’s Pets right here in Plymouth. If you are really hoping to knock it out of the park with your gift this is the way to do it. A thoughtful gesture like this would bring any pet lover to tears of joy, so make your donation today.

There you have it! 10 local gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. Supporting local is more important than ever this holiday season. With every small business purchase, you are helping to keep a business’s door open, a dream alive, and put food on the table of a neighbor. Make the holidays merry and bright for businesses in your town and choose to shop small for everyone on your list.

Ensure that your pets are taken care of this holiday season with Just Around the Corner. Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

Pet Sitting Offers Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Pet Sitting Offers Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Let me ask you something…What is your peace of mind worth to you this holiday season? What if I told you that hiring a pet sitter would not only add to your peace of mind but check off some pretty big “to do’s” on your list not just one day but as many days as you need it! As the days get shorter and the lists get longer “peace of mind” seems to fly out the window for most of us as we go full throttle into the merry mayhem. All the while our pets just sit lovingly by and let it happen. Hiring a professional pet sitter is the greatest gift you can give your pet this year. Whatever your circumstances, there is always room for pet centered peace of mind.

What does your holiday season look like?

  • Working from home
  • Day Trip(s)
  • Checking off your “to do” list
  • Weekend getaway
  • Long Workdays (out of the home)
  • Simply not enough hours in the day

The holidays can be stressful but the care for your pet does not have to add to the strain. You may think pet sitting is only for when you are away on vacation or on a long holiday; hiring a pet sitter can actually transform your holiday season even if you never leave town! If you are like me, you have a to do list that is a mile long: gifts to buy, meals to prep, a house to decorate. Let’s not forget your non-holiday duties  -ahem-  work, clean the house, rake the leaves, help the kids, walk the dog, feed the cat, *DEEP BREATH* dinners to cook, work outs to do, friends to see, even if only on zoom…the list really does go on and on! So, we plan, make our to do lists, and then we divi up tasks, right? You give the “clean house” item to a professional, check. You’ve started letting someone else do the grocery shopping with that easy breezy “pick up” option, check. Now you can graciously give away the time consuming and repetitive pet duties to free up time for more fur baby snuggles! Don’t be a stressed-out pet parent this holiday. Just Around the Corner is here to do what we do best, take care of your pets!

JAC employee feeding a cat and dog treats.

JAC employee feeding a cat and dog treats.

JAC Facts

  1. We operate 365 days a year to be there for your pets whenever you need us!
  2. Visit times start as early as 7:00am and can be as late as 9:00pm and anything in between.
  3. Our pricing is based on the visit length, we charge the same for 1 pet as we do for 5 pets.
  4. Visit length options are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1-hour
  5. Our scheduling is 100% customizable for you and your pets needs.

Ex. Up early and out of the house all day? How does this sound…

  • 7:00am visit to feed your pets and take the pup(s) for a walk (1- hour visit)
  • 11:00am-1:00pm visit to walk the dog (45 min visit)
  • 4:00-6:00pm visit for a let out in the backyard and dinner served to the dog(s) and cat(s). Just in time for you to come home from work and relax.

Check out JAC FAQ  here.

JAC cat client waiting for their breakfast to be served.

JAC cat client waiting for their breakfast to be served.

Customize Your Pet Care

Just Around the Corner offers customizable pet care options to create a sustainable schedule that works for both you and your pet(s). Whether you need early morning visits, have 4 dogs, your chickens need tending for the weekend or you are away on vacation and need 5 visits a day for a week, JAC has you covered! Below you will find 3 custom pet care schedule examples. Please note these are only 3 of hundreds of ways to establish visit schedules for your pets that are tailored to the needs of you and your furry family.

The Working-from-Home Dog Walk

  • 8:00am 1 hour visit to take the dog out for a nice walk to start the day and ensure they will sleep a good portion of it while you work.
  • 12:00pm 30 minute visit for an easy stroll around the neighborhood so you can enjoy your full lunchbreak without having to tend the dog.
  • 4:00pm 1 hour visit to take the dogs out for a nice walk followed by serving their dinner. This way when 5 o’clock hits you can settle in for the evening and just relax.

Long Days out of the home with Cats and Dogs

  • 7:00am 45 minute visit. Feed the cats and dogs. Then take the pups for a nice morning walk. (adjustable start time depending on when you leave the house)
  • 12:00pm 30 minute visit for lots of loving and play time for everyone!
  • 4:00pm 45 minute visit. Feed cats and dogs. Walk the dogs.
  • 9:00pm 30 minute visit. Provide love and affection to all before they settle in to bed and mom/dad get home.

Day Trips with Kitties

  • 9:00am 30 minute visit to refresh water and food as well as play and give lots of love.
  • 4:00pm 30 minute visit to feed dinner, play, and clean litter boxes.
  • You are home by 10:00pm and don’t have a single thing you need to do regarding the kitties except snuggle and tell them how much you missed them!
JAC group dog hiking clients enjoying a rest.

JAC group dog hiking clients enjoying a rest.

Benefits of a holiday season with JAC

  • Happier Pets
  • Great exercise for your dog(s)
  • Extra love and play for your pets
  • Pet meals served on schedule, even if you are not home
  • Less stress for you
  • Less stress for your pets
  • Peace of mind as often as you need it
  • More time for YOU to do what you need to this holiday season!

Whatever your life looks like this time of year there is a pet care option that will make you and your pet’s life merry and bright! Ensure that your pets are taken care of this holiday season with Just Around the Corner. Schedule your pet care visits with us today and head into the holidays with peace of mind and very merry pets!

Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!


3 Course Thanksgiving Menu Your Dog Will Love  

3 Course Thanksgiving Menu Your Dog Will Love  

Thanksgiving is almost here and while you are planning out your feast or what to bring this year don’t forget about the dogs in your life! Whether you are hosting or joining, if pups will be in attendance these three dog safe recipes are a MUST for your furry friends this holiday. While yummy scraps of people-food are usually well received, they are not always the safest or healthiest for our pets. Our pets have offered us comfort, therapy, and companionship in, dare I say, the wildest year to date. The least we can do is give them the Thanksgiving meal of their doggy dreams!

Our 3 Course Menu:

Appetizer: Sweet Potato Chews

Main Course: Turkey Meatloaf

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Click on each link to download a printable recipe card, or click here to get all three: 3 Dog Friendly Recipes

Sweet Potato Chews

Both heathy and satisfying, these sweet potato appetizer chews are the perfect way to start a Thanksgiving meal made for a king/queen, and with only 3 ingredients prep is super easy. The primary ingredient, sweet potatoes, are an excellent source of vitamin A, known to promote healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles in dogs. As well as rich in vitamin B, C, potassium, and calcium to name a few! Healthy and delicious is a winning combination for anyone, especially our pets. These sweet treats will whet your dog’s whistle before they even come out of the oven.

sweet potato, olive oil, cinnamon - ingredients for dog treats - Plymouth, MA

Dog Friendly Sweet Potato Chew ingredients


  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • Cinnamon (to sprinkle, optional)

Note: Double or reduce this recipe based on your dog’s size and appetite.


  1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F.
  2. Slice sweet potatoes length wise about ¼” thick. Cut strips in half for smaller treats.
  3. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper.
  4. Place sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet (I prefer a cookie sheet over a bowl) to toss in olive oil. Each strip should be coated thoroughly but not standing in olive oil.
  5. Sprinkle with cinnamon (If desired, they are yummy with or without it!)
  6. Bake for 2.5 – 3 hours. (The long cook time is what makes these chews tougher and longer lasting the way our dogs like it.)
  7. Let cool. Then serve!
  8. Store in airtight storage container in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or freeze for up to 4 months.

Get the recipe card for this delicious doggy appetizer here!

Dog Friendly Sweet Potato Chews

Dog Friendly Sweet Potato Chews

Turkey Meatloaf for dogs

Introducing the star doggy dish this holiday, Turkey Meatloaf for dogs!  This main course is the “feel good food” your dog has been waiting their entire life for! This recipe is great for dogs with sensitive systems or who are allergy prone. From protein to plant-based nutrients this health-conscious meal is one that every dog owner/friend can get behind. Edible for humans and cats too!


  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • 8 oz. peas or chopped green beans (whichever you have on hand is great!)
  • 3 large carrots, diced
  • 1 apple, diced


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Mix ALL ingredients together in a large bowl with your hands. Like meatloaf, you do not want to over work the meat. Using your hands will make combining all ingredients quicker and easier.
  3. Scoop mixture into your pan of choice. I used a loaf pan, same as when I make meatloaf for the humans in my life. A muffin tin is great for a smaller snack size turkey feast or for smaller dogs. Whatever pan you choose, be sure to adjust your cook time accordingly. (see below)
  4. Time to bake!
  • Loaf pan 60 minutes
  • Muffin tin 35 minutes
  1. Let cool before serving and store leftovers in an airtight container. Leftovers should last up to 4 days or freeze for up to 4 months.


Want a FREE downloadable recipe card for this dog friendly deliciousness? Click here

Dog Friendly Turkey Meatloaf

Dog Friendly Turkey Meatloaf

Dog approved Pumpkin Pie

No meal is complete without dessert, even for your dog! Now you and your pup can enjoy pumpkin pie together. These canine approved pumpkin pies are both adorable and enjoyable. I made them in regular size muffin tins, but for the tiny pups in your life consider using a mini muffin tin for manageability and increased quantity. Happy Turkey Day to all you fur babies out there. Show your parents some extra post-Thanksgiving meal snuggles when you finish off this lip-smacking third and final course.

Pie Crust

  • 1 cup Almond flour (can substitute Whole-wheat flour, note it is not GF)
  • 4 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • 6 Tbsp. cold water

Pie Filling

  • 6 oz pumpkin puree
  • 1 Tsp. ground cinnamon
  • pinch ground ginger
  • Greek yogurt (to dollop on top)


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Combine almond flour and coconut oil into a food processor and pulse until mixed. Add water slowly until dough holds together.
  3. Once dough is consistent divide into 4 even sections and roll into 3 ½” rounds.
  4. Place dough into a parchment lined muffin tin. Use a fork to mold edges of the dough as desired.
  5. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  6. While baking your crust, combine pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, and ginger into mixing bowl. Mix well.
  7. Removed the cooked crusts from oven and let cool.
  8. Once your crusts have cooled remove them from the muffin tin.
  9. Spoon your filling evenly into each pie shell.
  10. Pop back in the oven for 5 minutes to give it that warm pumpkin pie taste.
  11. Remove from oven, add a delicious dollop of Greek yogurt to the top and VOILA! Dessert is served for your deserving pup.

Click here for a FREE recipe card to this sweet treat!

Pet Friendly Pumpkin Pie

Pet Friendly Pumpkin Pie

Become the canine favorite this Thanksgiving!

There you have it, a three course Thanksgiving meal for the deserving dogs in your life. These recipes will keep them safe and satisfied to reduce the pleading for the potentially hazardous human trimmings we all love so much. Don’t miss your chance to be the holiday favorite of all the fur babies this year!

Have dog friendly recipes of your own? Share a recipe (or the link) you love making for your pets in the comments below! Excited to try out our recipes? Let us know what you think! Which recipe will your dog be drooling over this year?

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brown newfie waiting for treats Plymouth MA

Lola Bear ready for MORE of her Dog Friendly Thanksgiving recipes!


5 Easy Ways to Help a Local Animal Shelter

5 Easy Ways to Help a Local Animal Shelter

Have you ever helped an animal shelter in your area? Maybe you have thought about it but volunteering, adopting, and fostering are not feasible for you right now. Not to worry! We have come up with 5 ways, no matter your circumstances, that every single person can help a local animal shelter without breaking the bank, taking up an enormous amount of time or requiring a long-term commitment!  These 5 simple things will allow you to support a shelter near you, keep the spirits up of both the animals and the workers, and see that these more than deserving pets receive the care and love they deserve! Download our 5 Ways to Help a Shelter infographic to share with friends and get the word out about how they can help.

1. Do your part at home

You can make a positive impact on your local shelter by taking proper care and precautions with your own pets at home! Make sure your dog or cat is always properly outfitted with collars and identification (ID tags/microchipping) to keep pets who have loving homes out of shelters. It is crucial to give room for the animals who truly need a haven. Having your pet spayed or neutered is also a key component to avoiding overrun shelters. The more manageable the number of pets at a shelter the better care the animals will receive and ultimately aid them in becoming adopted into their forever home.  Do your part at home, and feel good knowing you are helping local shelters while doing it!

tabby cat with ID tag and collar

2. Give household items

There are things right under your nose at home that would make any shelter feel like it is Christmas morning!

  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies is something they can never have enough of. Think about how much you use it with your pets at home, accidents in the house, muddy paws, slobbery licks on whatever they can get their mouths on, while always worth it of course, the list of messy clean ups could go on forever.
  • Towels and blankets are another thing that our furry friends could always use more of. For safety and health reasons the types of crates and containment spaces shelters use can be cold and uninviting. A towel or blanket that has sat at the back of your closet for years could become the comfort an animal needs to keep their spirits up.

3. Engage their Social Media

Yep, love it or hate it, you can help a shelter in a BIG way just by engaging their social platforms. Social media has a HUGE impact on people, communities, and businesses. Find your local shelter’s Facebook page, Instagram handle, or even their website and ENGAGE! Especially in the world we are living today, COVID-19, Social Media  is one of the best ways a shelter can get information out about animals up for adoption, their greatest needs, and volunteer opportunities. By simply “liking” their page or sharing a post you can help them firsthand reach hundreds and even thousands of people in the community that they otherwise would never be able to reach on their own. Even sharing the link to this blog will help to get the word out to other who will take up the case and start doing their part. Never underestimate the power of social media and your actions taken on it. Your engagement could mean a forever home for a well deserving dog or cat.

Are you local to Plymouth, MA? Here are social media links to shelters here in Plymouth:

Helping Hands for Plymouth Animal Shelter

Friends of Plymouth Pound

Papa’s Pets

woman using facebook and engaging in social media

4. Donate pet food

Pet food is one of the greatest costs that shelters face daily. Before plotting your pet food donation call your local animal shelter to find out what they are currently feeding the animals. It is important to provide the same food they already use to avoid any allergies, dietary restrictions or upset tummies. Generally, the food they provide is inexpensive due to the volume of feeding. So, if you have the means, why not throw in an additional bag of food to your Chewy cart. Have it delivered to your doorstep hassle free and help a shelter breathe a little easier with your generous donation! If you are in Plymouth, MA consider a donation to America’s Hometown Pets in Need.

5. Toys & Fun

Can you image being an animal sitting in a shelter just waiting for your life to truly begin? Toys, treats, and other fun things to play with and chew on will go an exceptionally long way for a lonely animal anxiously awaiting their forever family to arrive. These are things you can toss in your Chewy cart (if you can’t tell we are big Chewy fans! But there are other ways to purchase as well, of course). Sticking to a specific budget? The Dollar Tree has an entire section devoted to pets! While I cannot vouch for the poop bags they sell (professional tip, do not buy poop bags from the Dollar Tree, you will wind up with a palm full of poop) they have excellent toys, treats and other exciting items for pets! Again, always find out what the shelters greatest needs are, for instance they may need cat toys more than dog toys or treats would be better than toys. Give them a call to ensure your giving gesture will be as helpful as it is kind and then load up on fun!

shelter volunteer holding adorable pug dog

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Every year the first full week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. 365 days a year, shelters across the nation take on the tireless job of bridging the gap between stray pets and finding their forever homes. Did you know there are a staggering 70,000 million stray animals in the United States? WOW! The work our local shelters do is not easy or cheap, but we may not all be able to help in the ways we wish we could. Volunteering can be inconvenient and even heartbreaking, not everyone has the means to adopt or house an animal as a foster parent, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Start by making sure your own pets are spayed/neutered and always have proper identification. Donate household items you don’t use anymore and when you are on social media take a moment to support a shelters page. Then budget in a small food and toy donation to ease some of the shelters financial burden. Voila! You have made a positive impact that will set the ripples in motion for others to do the same. So instead of settling for a sweet “Thank You” let’s also strive to do more. Try out these 5 easy ways to help a local animal shelter and let us know how it goes. Share your experience in our comments to inspire others to do the same!

Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

JAC Mascot Quinn, brown Newfie

JAC mascot, Quinn, says Thanks for Reading!