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Scroll through to find your favorites — click on any picture to see them in more detail. Click on the yellow border to GO VOTE! Round 3 Voting will be open Monday 5/29 to Wednesday 6/7! VOTE EVERY DAY for your favorites.

Round 3 Voting open Monday 5/29 through Wednesday 6/7

TOP TEN will be narrowed to the TOP THREE FINALISTS!!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE  for your favorite pups!

You can vote for as many dogs as you want, every day that voting is open. Share the link with your family and friends!


The contest voting link will also be provided via Facebook posts at America’s Hometown Hound
America's Hometown Hound 2023 - Otis
What is America’s Hometown Hound? ❤️🐾💙
America’s Hometown Hound is a local competition in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, co-hosted by Just Around the Corner Dog Walking and Pet Sitting and The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. The contest crowns one pup as America’s Hometown Hound at the hugely popular Annual Bark in the Park event which will take place this year on June 10th, 2023. The winner of AHH represents America’s Hometown at various events & appearances throughout the year as well as showing local support in multiple ways such as charity fundraisers, shopping small, and being an active member of the community through dog-friendly opportunities.

Congratulations to OTIS,

America’s Hometown Hound 2022!!

Otis, America's Hometown Hound 2022

Welcome to the official webpage for


Just Around the Corner’s

America’s Hometown Hound Competition

Each year Just Around the Corner Inc. in conjunction with the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce searches for THE dog to be the face of Bark in the Park. The Winners began with Charlie Brown, the first ever America’s Hometown Hound winner in 2020 and continues with Otis, America’s Hometown Hound 2022. This year’s winning dog will be the poster pup for the Chamber in all advertising and events leading up to Bark in the Park 2024. This year the top 3 contestants will be featured at a Crowning Ceremony at the Chamber’s annual Bark in the Park at Nelson Park, downtown Plymouth, MA, on Saturday June 10. We hope to see you there!

What can I do now?

ROUND 3 Voting is open NOW through Wednesday June 7!

CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite dog

There will be three rounds of voting, narrowing the field from our original 79 contestants to 25, then to 10, then to the FINAL 3! Those three will attend Bark In The Park on Saturday, June 10. The Winner will be chosen at the event by a panel of judges. Vote now and every day for your favorites, and share the link with your family and friends!


Round 1: May 1 – May 12 — 79 contestants

Round 2 (top 25): May 15 – May 26

Round 3 (top 10) May 29 – June 7

BARK IN THE PARK: Saturday, June 10, Nelson Park — Top 3 will be judged and the winner announced! Hope to see you there!




Follow America’s Hometown Hound on Facebook, and Just Around the Corner on Facebook and Instagram to watch for details!

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Chamber of Commerce website

AHH Facebook page

Meet Kupcakes & Kibble!

From the America’s Hometown Hound Archive:

From the America’s Hometown Hound Archive:

Meet Pam Ranheim

Owner of Just Around the Corner,

Contest MasterMind!

1st place Charlie German shepherd




Meet Charlie Brown, America’s FIRST Hometown Hound, 2020