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When you leave for vacation it is so stressful to leave your furry family behind.  You have done your research and hired a professional pet-sitting company so that you can go away with peace of mind knowing that your pets are taken care of.   But what about your home?  With a Pet Sitter, you can also have peace of mind that your home is taken care of as well.  This is a free benefit few realize when they hire a professional Pet Sitting Company.  Yes, you read it right…..a FREE benefit.

What could possibly happen while you are away on vacation?  We all know the most obvious things:  the biggest one…..a break in……who would know….you are gone for 10 days… would never know until you got home.  How awful!  There are so many other things that can happen…

Let me tell you an actual story.  How lucky that these clients wanted to have their fur babies stay in their own home.  Just Around the Corner was hired to do three visits per day to take care of Brady, their beloved Boxer, and his two feline sisters, Amber and Anabelle.  For the first two days, we visited, fed, and played with everyone, and all was going well.  On the third day of their 10-day vacation, as we drove down their road at 6:30 in the morning on our way to take care of them we could see smoke coming from their house.  Our hearts, of course, starting pumping ……and going through our minds were the babies in the house.  We ran right in and found all the animals waiting for us in the living room looking anxious.  We got all of them out of the house and put them in our car.  We called 911 and the fire department responded quickly.  On inspection of the house, the fire department found a faulty wire in the heating system.  They said in another hour it would have sparked a fire, which could have been a total loss.  Because we were there to pet sit, we were able to get the pets to safety, call the fire department and have someone come out and fix the heating system.    What a relief to our clients!  Their house was saved, their pets were saved, their heating system was fixed, and the pets could remain in their home.

  • Here are 5 things a Pet Sitter does for your home:
  • Rotate lights through-out the house each day so that it looks like someone is home.
  • Bring in Newspapers and Mail each day.
  • Rotate blinds and shades.
  • Security check the house, checking all windows and doors to be sure the house is secure.

Check to be sure all systems in the house are running properly (electrical, water, heat, etc…).
So remember, “How your home is more secure by using a Pet Sitter”…….Not only are your pets part of our family, we also consider your home our home and will do everything we can to protect your pets and your home.  With no extra charge for the care of your home……

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