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Pets have emotions, just as we do. While they can be masked and displayed in ways that differ from a human, they are still present. They feel sadness, pain and anxiety. There are ways you can help your pet beat these emotions and the good news is; you don’t need prescription drugs in order to do so!

There are many remedies out there these days. You may have heard of homeopathic healing, essential oils and natural healing. Flower Essence is very similar. However, flower essence is just that; the healing part of a particular plant or flower that possesses the ability to calm your pet’s nerves. It helps to beat the blues and to provide emotional well being and balance. Also, Flower Essence is used to treat mental disturbances as opposed to physical conditions which homeopathy is used to treat. Flower essences use only flower and plant extracts where as homeopathy combines additional ingredients. Flower Essence is created without the use of chemicals or pesticides. You may have heard of Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which is one of the most popular remedies out on the market.

Flower Essences can be applied to your pet in a variety of ways:

  • Add a few drops to your pet’s water.
  • Put some flower Essence in a spray bottle of water and simply mist your pet.
  • Place the Flower Essence directly in your pet’s mouth using a dropper.
  • Rub the Flower Essence onto your pet’s body – belly, ear flaps or pads of feet. Just be sure to apply it unbroken skin.

These remedies are a wonderful way to provide relief to your pet with non-invasive, non-harmful comfort. Many pets that are emotionally unbalanced and suffer aggression, depression and grief have shown great improvement with the use of these simple flower derived treatments.

These essences can be purchased from health stores, pet stores and via online sites which specialize in holistic healing. Search around, try out a few different options on your pet and see the amazing results.

Keep in mind this is not a replacement for medical treatment or western medicine. But it is worth a try if your pet needs something to soothe their nerves. Always consult your holistic veterinarian to see if Flower Essence is right for your pet. Do you use natural remedies on your pet? Tell us. We’d love to hear about it.

Would You Use Flower Essence On Your Pet?