The benefits of pet grooming go well beyond an emotional pick me up for our furry friends. Regular grooming is essential to avoid certain health risks for your pets. Think of grooming your pet like a primary care visit to the doctor rather than a lavish trip to the beauty parlor. It goes well beyond a nice haircut and boost to the old self-esteem. Grooming can protect your pet from irritating and potentially dangerous conditions such as skin irritation, nail complications, flea and tick diseases, and ear infections. Sounds important right? That’s because it is! When you have your precious pooch or fluffy feline groomed professionally you are not only giving them the gift of an improved appearance but increasing their day to day quality of life and making them happier at home. Think of all the time they spend scratching or licking themselves due to hair or skin irritation. Doesn’t your fur baby deserve the reward of vitality for all the love and joy they bring to your life?

Benefits of Grooming

  • Improved hygiene & smell
  • Reduced shedding
  • Healthy coat
  • Better quality of comfort day to day
  • Full body flea and tick check
  • Less chance of ear infections
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Early detection of skin issues/physical irregularities
  • Nail Care: keeps pet comfortable and avoids bone deformities

yellow cat being combed

Convinced to give professional grooming a try? Or maybe you have used a groomer in the past but need to find a new one because your location or type of pet has changed. We have compiled a list of local groomers for you right here in Plymouth. Developing a relationship with a groomer in your area is an investment for your pet that will pay great dividends, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Much like a hair salon or primary care doctor, each client has specific needs and preferences. If you give one or two groomers a try and the services you receive are not exactly what you are looking for don’t be afraid to give another groomer an opportunity to nail it for you and your fur baby. We have come up with this exhaustive list of Plymouth groomers to create options for you as a consumer. As always, do your due diligence, read reviews, talk to folks with experience at certain establishments and don’t be afraid to be upfront with your pets’ needs.

Pet Groomers in Plymouth






  • Grooming at Scarlet Farm
  • 220 Jordan Rd., Plymouth, MA
  • 781-585-1334




  • Rover Makeover @ Firehouse Vet
  • 4 Hedges Pond Rd., Plymouth, MA
  • 508-888-3906


  • Need just nail clippings for your dog, cat, or rabbit? Email us at [email protected] for more information about a local “house call” option to have your pets nails clipped.

dog being groomed

Whether you’re brand new to pet grooming or looking to give somewhere new a try there is a perfect groomer for you right here locally. What better way to support a local business and improve your pet’s vitality and overall wellbeing? Your pet will thank you. Remember to tell them JAC sent you!

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JAC Mascots Misha, Quinn brown newfies

JAC Mascots Misha & Quinn say “Thanks for reading!”