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Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park 101 is an important class you, as a parent, should to attend! Online classes are available! Ok, would you settle for a crash course? What I mean by this is that you need to know the “Etiquette” required when you bring Fido to a dog park.

Clean up after your dog!

Yes, despite the fact that you’re in a park, you still need to pick up after your pooch. Your common courtesy will help to keep the park clean, avoid the spread of disease and others stepping in your dog’s mess!

Bully Free Zone!

If your dog is a bully then he shouldn’t be at the park. If you haven’t mastered the training techniques yet, please do so prior to unleashing your dog onto the public. Others bring their pets there to have fun, not to be picked on by your dog.

Barking Blues.

While the sounds of happy barking can be music to our ears, keep in mind aggressive barking or intimidated barking is unacceptable. It can cause other dogs to become stressed and defensive if your pooch is being aggressive or barking at their owner. That can cause all sorts of unpleasant chain reactions.

Trained Pets Only, Please!

Again, the basic rule for dogs coming to a park are “training required”. Your pet should respond to commands such as “Come” “Stay” and “No” and not just under calm circumstances. Your pet should follow commands even during times of stress. You must have total control of your pet before you not only release them into a place with other dogs and humans, but for their safety as well.

Pay attention!

While it‘s great for you to connect and socialize with other pet owners, it’s not ok for you to turn your back and not pay attention to what’s happening with your dog. Again, things can escalate to a dangerous situation pretty quickly. You can socialize and keep an eye on your dog at the same time! Try to stay off your smart phone too. It’s irresponsible if you don’t keep close tabs on your dog at the dog park. You’re trying to make friends – not enemies!

Take a few moments before you bring Fido to a park and search the net for Park Etiquette rules. The above are simply a few of the very important rules to get you started; however there are many more that you should familiarize yourself with. Remember, a trip to the park should be a fun outing for you and your pet! Follow some common rules of etiquette and it can be fun for all involved.