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We have been a user of their service for more that 4 years. I don’t know how they vet their people but everyone who has shown up at our door has been a wonderful person.

We have them take our babies out any day that we both work for a midday relief. On occasion we’ve had a chance to meet our walkers. I was so impressed at the compassion they showed our puppies. They are endearing,

I cannot express the trust and acknowledgement that this service has provided us. Without a doubt, we have trusting people who will care for our animals with love and affection.


Arthur Hatch and H. Janette Molyneau

Just Around the Corner delivers love and trust to pets and pet owners

Just Around the Corner delivers love and trust to pets and pet owners

Marmalade might be our princess kitty but she has a very difficult time with strangers. She gets hissy and sassy even though she is a senior cat. IOur neighbor fondly describes her as a German Shepherd. Tracey did a meet and greet and took excellent care of Marmee. We were gone for 2 weeks. That was the longest we have ever been away. Tracey had long talks with her, sent me pictures with every visit, mostly she respected her personality. Once the ice was broken Alison was trained and followed suit. I actually have a video of Marmee letting the ladies pet her and she is purring. It was also nice to have someone at my house, checking in every night, bringing up a trash barrel. I cleaned before I left and my house was actually cleaner than when I left. Kind, understanding and respectful I would hire this company again in a heartbeat!

Caring, responsible people who really love your pets

Caring, responsible people who really love your pets

I’d never used a service before to care for my cat when I traveled for work, but here I was, new to the area without a lot of friends who could reliably be counted on to feed and care for my sweet girl. So I looked up “pet sitters” in Plymouth and luckily found JAC. From the start, JAC has been a Godsend. I travel often and sometimes don’t have a lot of notice before I need to leave, and JACs staff has always been able to accommodate my needs and even has gone above and beyond to make sure my kitty is provided for whenever needed. What I love most is the individual attention both me and my cat get from our JAC sitters. They send me a text with a picture or a video every single day so I can see my little baby, and they let me know how she is doing and what she’s been up to. And upon returning home, I have notes from the cat sitters for every single day they visited. When I have to travel for work, it’s priceless to know that my cat is being cared for and I don’t have to stress about her food dish being empty or her longing for human interaction. If you can’t take your pet with you, then you should be employing the services of JAC.

We have been using JAC since our initial meeting for daily dog outings while at work and for overnight stays when away on vacations. Our pets have made strong attachments to Pam and other caregivers employed by JAC. Having JAC at our home overnight while we are away gives us a real peace of mind and allows us to really enjoy our vacations. The daily notes we receive are detailed and keep us well informed about each of our pets and what occurred during each visit.

We have recommended JAC to numerous others and all have been happy with the professional and caring service provided by JAC just as we have been. We recommend JAC to anyone who has a pet that you want to be safely and lovingly cared for whether it’s just for daily visits or when your away.