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One of the responsibilities we have as pet owners is to ensure that our pets are groomed on a regular basis.  Some of us are able to handle this at home and do it ourselves.  Maybe you are the person who lifts your dog into the tubby and you just can’t stand to do it another day?  Or maybe a bath is fine, but you just have trouble with cutting toenails and cleaning ears.  Could be time to take them to a dog groomer.  So, where do you find the best dog groomer in Plymouth, MA?
There are a number of considerations for finding that best groomer for your pet.


  1. How does the location look: Is the shop clean and does it smell clean. Is it a professional business.
  2. Are the staff knowledgeable: does the staff understand the needs of your pet.
  3. Are the pets monitored: Do they have proper size cages to secure your pet. Are there other pets in the same area. Are the pets always visible to the staff?
  4. Are they trained in breed specifications: Does the dog groomer know the specific needs of your breed.  Can you see photos of previous breeds that they have serviced?
  5. Do they handle fearful and aggressive dogs: Will they have fearful and aggressive dogs in the facility while your pet is being groomed and what precautions do they have in place.
  6. What type of training do they have: Do they have any certification for dog grooming.  How long have they been in business?  What are their credentials?

We have taken the time to do a Google search to try and help you find the Best Dog Groomers in the Plymouth, MA area.  Please be sure to follow due diligence in finding the perfect match for your dog.


  1. Paws in Paradise: Owner Carol Shapiro with over 25 years of experience. Grooms only dogs under 40 pounds. Sandwich Rd., Plymouth, MA. 508-280-6761.
  2. Best Pet Salon: Owner Tracey with 25 plus years of experience. All Breed Professional Groomer.  739 State Rd., Plymouth, MA.  774-237-8738.
  3. Grooming at Scarlet Farms: Owner Paula with over 20 years of experience. All Breed Professional Groomer. 220 Jordan Rd., Plymouth, MA 774-454-4823.
  4. Rover Make Over: Owner Marlene. All Breed Professional Groomer. 2289 State Rd., Plymouth, MA. 508-888-3906.
  5. Grooming Magic: Owner Louanne Chase. All Breed Professional Groomers. 117 Sandwich St., Plymouth, MA 508-732-0255.
  6. Nautical Dog Mobile Grooming: Owner Julie McKenna with over 30 years of experience.  Mobile groomer. 508-746-9091.

It is so important to find someone that not only you feel comfortable with but your dog is comfortable as well and looks forward to going back.
Have you tried any of these groomers or have you used other groomers in the Plymouth area?  Would love to hear about your experience and recommendations!  Please comment below.