We know you have many, many options for dog walkers. Knowing what questions to ask and when to ask them is the key to finding the perfect Dog Walker. Detailed questions allow you to match your dog with a walker that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind. That’s really what hiring a Dog Walker is all about, right? Knowing your dog is in the most capable hands possible for their needs on every single walk.

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Before reaching out to your potential Dog Walker

Even before picking up the phone to inquire there are a few things you should know. From pricing to scheduling almost no Walker/Dog Walking company operates exactly the same. Your perfect match is out there, you just need a good understanding of what your needs are. Before you call answer these questions for yourself:

  • What is your budget?
  • What type of services does your dog need? Maybe Fido isn’t a huge fan of other dogs and needs a short solo stroll with only the Dog Walker. Does Lilly have so much energy anything less than an hour long group hike won’t do the trick? Get specific.
  • Are you looking to have the same Dog Walker every visit or would you prefer Shadow to have the flexibility of having backup Dog Walkers?
  • How much flexibility do you need with your schedule? Do you anticipate needing to cancel last minute frequently with the way your schedule works? Would a cancellation fee be a deal breaker?
  • Is your dog anxious around new people/other dogs?
  • Has your dog ever been home alone when someone they don’t know comes into the house? How does that go?

Answering these questions will put you in a great place to start your search for your perfect Dog Walker.

cute small dogs with dog walker Plymouth

Inquiring about Dog Walking

Before you commit to a meet and greet there are questions to ask that will let you know pretty immediately if a Dog Walker has the expertise and credentials that you prefer. It is important to have a solid idea of what your expectations are going into a phone inquiry. Every pet owner is different and staying in tune with what works for you and your dog will give you a clear understanding when/if someone isn’t a good fit.

  • What services do you offer?
  • What are your prices?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many Dog Walkers work with you? If you are solo, is this your full-time job?
  • Are you local?
  • What areas/regions do you cover?
  • Do you have a Meet and Greet with all of your clients?
  • Can you supply 3 references or online reviews?

Keep in mind that the answers to these questions are only right/wrong based on your preferences. Some people may prefer to see a 10 year history of being in the business and 3 pages of references. Other owners and dogs may be totally comfortable with a part-time college student looking to earn some extra cash. Different strokes for different folks. Again, knowing what is right for you and your dog is the most effective way to sort through a list of local Dog Walkers.

Meet and Greet with your new Dog Walker

The greatest benefit of a Meet and Greet is being able to see how your dog responds to the person coming into your home. The way your dog and the walker react to each other may tell you all you need to know. Once everyone has met and things are going smoothly these questions will take it to the next level.

  • Are you Pet First Aid and Pet CPR certified?
  • How do you ensure the safety of the dogs you walk and those around them?
  • What would you do if a dog got off his/her leash?
  • Where will my personal information be stored?
  • What is the procedure in the event of an emergency with my dog?
  • What is the key policy? Giving someone access to your home and your pet is a privilege and should not be taken lightly.

During a meet and greet you want to make sure the physical aspects of your dog with the Dog Walker are cohesive. If they are unable to harness/leash your dog without the dog running to hide or baring teeth you may need to consider a few “trial visits”. If you just didn’t get a good vibe keep looking. There can be any number of reasons your dog doesn’t mesh with this particular Dog Walker.

Big white dogs Plymouth MA on dock with dog walker

The Dog Walk

Hiring a dog walker means trusting another person with your precious fur baby. You deserve peace of mind while you are away, knowing that your pup is in the most capable hands possible. Ask specific questions regarding the walk itself. The questions below will give you a better understanding of how each visit should/will look day in and day out.

  • Are you able to feed and water my dog during your visit?
  • Where will you walk my dog?
  • Will they be in a vehicle? If so, how do you ensure their safety?
  • How do you handle unruly behavior among dogs?
  • What would you do if my dog got off his/her leash?
  • Do you provide daily updates of how my dog is doing and what they did on their walk?
  • What supplies do you keep with you on the walk?
  • How can I (the Dog Owner) contact you (the Dog Walker)?

Asking the right questions is the key to finding the perfect Dog Walker.  Don’t miss a single one! We have compiled an exhaustive list of questions for you (BEYOND the ones listed above) all in one place! Get your FREE downloadable Dog Walker Question Guide today!

See something missing? Let us know! Comment below with any Questions you have found to be helpful when in your search of the perfect Dog Walker.


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